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Welcome to Idinfor Group website from the University of Seville.

IDINFOR: Research, Development and Innovation in Computing is a research group at the University of Sevilla in the Andalusian Research, Development and Innovation of the Information Technology sector and Communication (TIC223 code).

We are a multidisciplinary group of researchers from different areas of knowledge related to new technologies. We are engaged in research and development of emerging technologies in the field of information systems, Ubiquitous Computing, Energy Efficiency, Mobility, Ambient Intelligence, Clinical Informatics, Big Data, Smart Cities as fundamental lines.

We have extensive experience in technology transfer projects, where we have worked with both companies and institutions on the lines indicated above. Also, we lead and participate in research initiatives both Spanish and European relevance. Our researchers are involved continuously with other Spanish and European groups, exchanging knowledge and staff to promote the excellence of our group in research and knowledge transfer.

  • Electroencephalographic study
  • Saving energy in artificial
  • Devices used
  • GPS destination prediction
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